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Puella magi Madoka magica: Now I’m gloomy as shit! - Episodes 1-all of em’
FullMetal Alchemist Session 5: It’s over… now what!? - Episodes 35-51


Spoilers up ahead!

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seriously though take this personality quiz and tell me what you get. it’s important. 

FullMetal Alchemist Session 4 - Just twist after another - Episodes 25-34

Spoilers up ahead:

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I have been tagged.

This one’s for you Rekka:

Name: Aleksi

Nickname: IRL, I have none. Guess you could consider AlluMan to be my nickname

D.O.B.Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: An open-minded straight.

Height: anywhere between 160 to 170.

Time Zone: EET

Current Time: 1:59AM

Average Sleep Hours: I’ll go to bed anywhere between 9PM to 3AM & will wake up anywhere between 6AM or 12PM.

Last Input to Google: Yes Roundabout

Most Used Phrase: “I dunno” or “actually”

Best Descriptive Word For Me Right Now: Unstable

Last Thing Said to a Family Member: Will do.

One Place I’m Happy Being At: Any place where I can be at peace by myself.

How Many Pillows Are On My Bed: 2.

Favorite Beverage: Water. Not even Coka cola can replace it.

Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Expendables 3.

Three things I can’t live without:  My hearing, solitude & Jazz

Something I Plan On Learning: How to function as a human being

Advice to Followers: Just treat people as people. Never talk down to someone or dance around the truth for anyone in particular. The greatest way to show respect is the ability to talk straight to them with nothing to hide.

A Song I’d Like You All To Hear: I could just go on and just tell everyone to just listen to the entire soundtrack to Cowboy bebop. That or Pink floyd’s The wall. Either choose to relax or to contemplate. Pick whichever, I think the awnser between which is which shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that know a thing about either one.


Your Silver Chariot is no match for the prowess of CAPTAIN FALCON.

FullMetalAlchemist Session 3: Shit is getting fucking tense - Episodes 17-24

Spoilers up ahead!

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FullMetal Alchemist session 2: Starting to heat up - Episodes 11-17
FullMetal Alchemist Session 1 - A journey that’ll end in heartbreak, I’m sure: Episodes 1-10

Mild spoilers below!

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idk if anyone would care if i actually wrote a review or sorts of pmmm rebellion. 

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